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PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to close early if there are no painters in the studio

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What we do!

We offer a host of items for all different occasions, create your own set of mugs for home, a personalised plate, gifts for your grandparents, wedding presents, valentines hearts – the possibilities are endless!


We offer the following activities:


  • Ceramic Painting 

  • Ceramic Hand/Foot Printing

  • 3D Hand/Foot Casting

  • Foam Clay

  • Build your Own Bear

  • Mosaics

  • T-Shirt and Bag Designing

  • Canvas Art

  • Sand Art

  • Toddler Art Sessions

  • Birthday Parties

  • Adult Parties

  • Corporate Events

  • Late night evenings

  • Takeaway Kits

  • Mobile Painted Pot

  • Gift Vouchers

  • Workshops


Choose Your Creation.........

Foam Clay

We offer superior quality modelling Foam Clay.  It is a self hardening air dry material with small beads in unique foam like texture, perfect for 3D crafts and modelling!

Available in vibrant and vivid colours and can be used with many materials.  It sticks to any unglazed pottery with no mess or staining.

It's so easy and incredibly impressive when objects are covered with Foam Clay. Roll a small ball, press it onto an object and spread it out. A wonderful activity choice for children!

There are simply so many options for decorating…..

Build a Bear

Build and stuff your own cuddly teddy bear or other animals. We provide you with a t-shirt, a wishing star and a birth certificate. Great fun and ideal as a party choice or a perfect gift for all ages.



Mosaic madness is here........children can create a work of art

We have a selection of fun bases to choose from, children will then design their very own mosaic using a selection of colourful tiles.

Choose from a range of different activities for hour of fun and creative experiences for little ones!


Come in our studio or contact us to book your place.


We also offer a little known craft called decopatch.  Decopatch is a thin but strong brightly printed paper and glue varnish system, which creates a decorative, hardwearing finish to an item.  Once the glue is completely dry it has a smooth shiny finish and is water resistant.


This is an instant way to decorate ANYTHING!


Ideal for kids parties where the finished item can be taken away on the same day.  We stock a large selection of papers and other decopatch products such as 3D letters, tissue boxes, and secret book boxes and more, the only limit is your imagination!


An addictive hobby and fun for all ages!

T-Shirt & Bag Designs

We provide plain white T-shirts and bags ready to be designed.  Screen stencils on the T-Shirt or bag using an artistic detailed motif.  You can choose from a large range of motifs and eye catching designs available at our studio.

Then use fabric paint in your choice of colours to decorate and design your own T shirt or bag and a lovely print appears. 

Once you have completed your design we then heat print on to the fabric ready for you to collect the next day when you can wear your masterpiece and show to your friends!

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